Friday, September 07, 2007

Fruit Salad

Past few weeks my husband's colleagues was organizing a pot luck and since I am pregnant, I decided to made them a fruit salad. Actually, my husband was telling me that he will just go and buy a roast duck. Since this roast duck shop is famous in Puchong. I was telling him its ok, I can still make the salad. At least salad is not consider as a main dish. =)) Well, about the roast duck, it was really very good. What the shop did was, they will put the duck into the oven again to kinda heat it up again, so it will be hot and the skin will be crispy. Actually, I just tried a small piece. It was not bad at all. The most important thing is, it doesnt have the stinky smell of the duckie... which is good. Everyone loves it.
Of course, I did my salad as well. And yup, as I have expected, the salad is the only food that is not the main dish on the table. Haha... We have a total of 22 types of dishes. Imagine that. =)) Anyway, everyone enjoyed the salad a lot. Especially the dressing that I made. Yup, my special mix. Hehe... Well, here is the recipe. Hope you will like it... Sorry, this one I dont have a picture to show you... =P

Ingredients :-
2 Lettuces (wash and cut into smaller pieces)
2 Grapefruits (remove the flesh gently)

1 box Honey cherry tomatoes
3 Red Apples (remove skin and cut into 3-4cm stick)
Grapes (preferable seedless)
Olive oil (optional - If you like a bit of the smell and taste in your salad, mix the olive oil with the lettuce only)

Salad dressing ingredients :-

1 bottle of lady's choice Thousand Island dressing
3 tbs of lady's choice Fruit Salad dressing (You can replace this with Honey mustard blended with some pineapples (not too much as we only need a bit of the taste) - should gives you the similar taste)
1 orange (squeeze out the juice)
1 lemon (squeeze out the juice)
3 carrots (blended not too fine - If you like more carrot taste, you may add more)

Methods :-
1. Mix all the ingredients and refrigerate for at least 1/2 hour (for cooling effect).
2. Mix all the ingredients for the salad dressing in a separate mixing bowl and refrigerate for at least 1/2 hour also (for cooling effect).
3. Pour in the salad dressing upon serving the salad.

Note: In case you prefer to put the carrots into the ingredients instead of the dressing, cut the carrot into matchstick size and mix it with the ingredients.

Ok, so this is my special fruit salad. Try it and let me know what you think of it. Enjoy....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chicken and Mango Kerabu - 2nd chapter

Well, as I have mentioned inside my previous post that Thurday is the pot-luck day, and yes, today is the day...
Hmm... talking about the preparation. Well, the story started yesterday. After work, I went to buy all the ingredients that I need for my special kerabu. I managed to get everything that I wanted. But I encountered 1 stupid scene. There were so many of us (shoppers) queuing up waiting for the weight machine. As there was only 1 weight machine available that time. Stupid supermarket. Then, there was this uncle bought so many chinese cabbages!!! Really dont know what he is trying to do. Maybe feeding his "pets". So, we waited and waited and all of the sudden this indian lady was trying to cut in front of me. I was like #$^^&%$$@. But then, I didnt say anything, but just put her trolley away and just continue queuing. Then, when it comes to my turn, another indian guy was trying to ask the weight machine lady to weight for him first in indian language, and he mentioned he got only 2 bags. Then another chinese guy with 1 bag... I was like again @$%&#**^$, and I really no patient with them. So I voiced out telling them that "...everyone also have 1 or 2 bags and they still queue up. Cant you see the queue already so looooonnngggggg!!! And all of us also waited for so long!!!..." I was really feeling so mad inside me with this stupid queue. Then he answered me back, "... then I dont buy and I will go somewhere else to buy!!!..." in a very harsh language. I was again so mad, then I just told him, "... then go to that somewhere else to buy la!!!...". Then he goes away.
Sometimes I really feel that why there is this kind of people in this world. Dress so nicely, like educated, but then attitude really like a shit! Anyway, I don bother and just continue with my shopping. Then because of that incident, everyone in the queue after me, start to lost patient and the everyone was pushing to get their bags weighted. Well, I have nothing to comment. Just blame that stupid supermarket and stupid people.
Anyway, I got all my stuffs and I headed back home. Well, when you look at the kerabu ingredients and instruction, it is very simple. To do it, it should be very fast, but for me, with a "big" stomach and the weight... hmmm... no good. In case some people doesnt know, I am actually 6 1/2 months pregnant. Hahaha... Well, after the preparation, I had a very bad backache. And really tired. Had a 7 hours sleep, but then still.... tired... Yea.. today I dont really looks ok. =P
Then, it lunch time today, everyone was already eating when I go to the pantry. The crowds was really unexpected as a lot of "uninvited" crowd eating our foods! Haha.. well, we cant say much. So we have no choice but to just bare with it. It actually ended up not enough foods =( This is sad, as I really didnt get to eat much. Too bad... I went downstair to the foodcourt to have my second round. Hehe...
Anyway, my kerabu was a success!!! Haha... Some of them did mentioned that its not sour enough, but I guess I have to make it moderate as not everyone can take too sour food. Well, at least there is no left over for me to bring back home. Hehehe...
Here is the ingredients that I used. My special recipe... Haha... Thanks to my friend, Angie, who helped me snap the photo below.

- 5 green unripe mango, shredded
- 1 whole chicken, cleaned and remove skin, then cut into pieces
- 6 shallots, sliced
- 20 cili padi, sliced
- 1/2 onion, sliced
- 1 large carrot, shredded
- 6 red chillies, blended (not too fine)
- 1 cucumber, remove soft centre and shredded (optional)
- 1/2 pineapple, remove centre and shredded (optional)

For Seasoning:
- 30 lime, extract juice
- 4 tbsp sugar (If pineapple is used, reduce this to 2 tbsp)
- 4 tbsp mirin (or rice vinegar)
- 1-2 tbsp sesame oil (or olive oil)
- Dash of pepper
- Dash of toasted sesame seed (optional)

For Garnishing:
- Mint leaves, shredded
- Unsalted toasted peanut

1. Boiled half pot of water. When boiled, put the chicken into the water and cook for 20 minutes (10 minutes for breast meat).
2. When cooked, leave the chicken aside to cool off. When the chicken is cold enough, shredded it.
3. Put all the ingredients and the shredded chicken into a mixing bowl. Add all the seasoning ingredients and toss well to combine.
4. When its done, transfer to a plastic Tupperware and refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving.
5. Garnish and serve immediately.

If you have time to refrigerate overnight, add cucumber on the next morning, or 2-3 hours before serving.

Ok, thats my recipe. I hope it complete. =P I am actually half awake now. Haha... Too tired from yesterday. Well, try it out and let me know how it goes. If you are making a smaller portion, please adjust the seasoning ingredients. Sorry about that.
Enjoy...!!!!! Yum yum.....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chicken and Mango Kerabu

I remembered I have tried a very good chicken feet kerabu which made by my uncle on few years back, and the truth is I missed it very much. But back then, I still loves chicken feet so much. For now, chicken feet is definately is a NO NO to me. =) After I heard so much of stories about it. Anyway, I still missed the kerabu taste. Hehe...
Since this is the case, I have been doing a lot of recipe searching since last week for a nice kerabu recipe. Well, the reason is because one of my colleague here is organising a pot luck this week and I am cracking my head what I should make. After searching and searching, I guess I have finally decided its gonna be my favourite "Chicken and Mango Kerabu", replacing chicken feet with chicken =))) But this kerabu is gonna be from my special recipe. So far I have gotten the main ingredients for it, but I will add some other ingredients into it as well to make it different.
The pot luck is gonna be this Thursday and I am very excited. Hehe...
Well, I will definately take a picture of my dish and post my recipe here as well, if it turn out to be a successful one.
Anyone ever tasted a good kerabu before?